Birthing Families Foundation is a Canadian Charity whose mission is to fund, facilitate and carry out activities and programs which support birthing families. BFM Programs serve the birthing community with objectives to reduce health disparities for low income, marginalized, racialized, and oppressed populations and for those encountering disability, family violence, and/or addiction. Through our programs and partnerships our goal is to offer families doula support, counselling, food and mentorship to fill the gaps in our system. This is in alignment with the American College of OBGYNs recommendation to engage rings of support around birthing families to foster increased health and well-being in the birth and postpartum period.

With improved support for families, these services will lead to better birth outcomes, the long term health and well-being of children and families, and a community of support workers (doulas) who are informed and supported in order to extend specialized perinatal care out into the community. Birthing Families Matter Society supports both families and workers, ultimately strengthening and uplifting our communities as a whole. For more information about the Community Doula Connection program, please see our Vision page.

The Birthing Families Foundation Team

“A Doula is a non medical support person who provides emotional and physical comfort  during life’s pivotal moments, such as: birth, death, loss, and transition.”
– Community Doula Connection